Great Items That Will Make Your Bedroom Better!

If there’s one place in your house that you have to be comfortable in, it needs to be your bedroom. You want to be able to take your shoes off, kick back and relax. And your bedroom is the best place to do that.

Here are several items that will make your bedroom even better.


The first thing that you need to upgrade in your room is get a silk pillowcase. Believe it or not, a silk pillowcase has so many benefits besides of course feeling super soft and cozy. See top rated bed pillows.

That smooth surface doesn’t tug on your skin and on your hair as much as any other pillowcase, which means you’re not gonna be breaking your hair overnight. It’s not gonna be as frizzy when you wake up and there will be no tangles. If you’re waking up with a crazy head of hair and then if you’re losing hair overnight, then definitely try a silk pillowcase.

Next up a memory foam topping. If you have a cheap mattress because it was all you could afford, you can get a memory foam mattress topper. It can completely change the way your bed feel. You do not have to get an expensive mattress, it’s basically an additional layer of foam that you place over your mattress and it gives you more support. See top rated mattress toppers.

It makes your bed cooler. I get pretty warm at night so this was a huge game changer for me. Plus if you’re gonna have somebody over, you want to make sure that your bed is comfortable.

The next item on this list is something that has become more and more important – a phone sanitizer. Think about it this way.

You touch so many things throughout the day, handrails, steering wheel, door handle, all things that are pretty dirty. If you think about it, and then what do you do, you grab your phone. Your phone is probably one of the dirtiest things that you own.

It needs to be cleaned and the best way to do that is to sanitize it in a phone sanitizer box. But not only that. Best thing about this is that you can sanitize anything that fits in the box. You can sanitize your keys, your wallet, credit cards, tv remote.

Next up Google home or Alexa or whatever other device that will listen to you. Having one of these at home will make your life so much easier. I’m actually always asking Google random questions about the weather or to play music. It’s just so helpful. It’s like having a personal assistant at home.

Before you go to bed, you can set alarms, you can do whatever you want. The technology is so good and it’s actually really affordable.

Next is something that I’ve been using every night before I go to sleep – tea tree spray for pillow. This is such a cool little trick and it actually works if you have a hard time falling asleep, if your nose is blocked at night.

What I do is I just spray this at night before I go to bed onto my pillow or you can just place a few drops of tea tree oil inside your pillowcase before you go to bed. The oil is going to help unblock your stuffy nose while you’re sleeping and kill all those germs around your pillowcase. Plus the scent is very pleasing, it’s very calming.

Next on the list is a full length mirror. When you don’t have a full-length mirror, you’re always trying to bring your legs up so you can see what’s going on, to see if your outfit matches.

When you’re trying to be stylish, when you know about fashion, then you definitely want to be able to see your outfit from top to bottom, from your hairstyle all the way down to your shoes.

You can buy full-length mirrors for cheap these days. So make sure to go check them out and get one for your bedroom.